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Today's Pool Hours - 12p to 8p  
SHRC Policies
SHRC Rules and Regulations

General Safety Reminders

To ensure the safety of all members and their families, our staff is trained to enforce a set of safety standards. These standards include such things as:

  • no glass in the pool area
  • no running on the pool deck
  • no sliding down the slides head-first
  • no tossing of someone over your shoulder
  • no carrying of someone on your shoulders
  • no wrestling or horseplay
  • No alcohol*

A ten (10) minute break is called at ten minutes before each hour. All swimmers under the age of eighteen (18) must leave the pool during break.

Please be especially careful driving through the parking lot, where children are frequently walking, riding bikes or skateboarding.

*No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises without the express permission of the SHRC Board of Directors. This is limited to organized functions hosted by the SHRC Board of Directors.

Guest Policy

Members are welcome to bring non-member guests to the pool. It is the responsibility of each member to register (sign-in) any guest, and to identify all guests to the front desk staff at sign in. It is the responsibility of the member to alert guests to SHRC rules and policies. Non-member guests are allowed at SHRC only in the company of a member.  Guest fees are $5 per guest at all times, with the only exceptions being on Opening Day and July 4th Celebration Days – $7 per guest during these events and the fee includes the free hot dog lunch! Purchase your pre-paid Guest Passes here.

Reserving Facilities at the Pool

Members who wish to reserve a sheltered area or the screened dining room during pool hours must schedule on our calendar.  You can book your party here.The fee for shelter reservation is $10 per hour plus the appropriate Guest Fees. (See the Guest Policy section above for details).  Other points:

  • The screened porch, grill deck and far shelter can be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Reservations are limited to 25 swimmers. Non-swimmers also require a guest pass.
  • Grills can be rented for $5, regardless of whether or not a room or shelter is rented.
  • No reservations can be made for Grand Opening Weekend, July 4th, or Labor Day and beyond.

Toys in the pool area

Toys add enjoyment for kids playing in the pool. However, some toys are dangerous and not allowed at SHRC. Large torpedoes, tennis balls, or any hard toy that can be thrown across the pool and hurt someone are not allowed in the pool. Instead, we encourage “squishy” balls and other soft style toys made for the water. Water guns are also discouraged in the fenced-in area of the pool. Inflatables are allowed; however, please use discretion when bringing large inflatables on days when the pool is extra busy.

Child Care & Supervision

All children under the age of eleven must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or child care provider who is fifteen years of age or older. The parents must give written authorization for children to be accompanied by a child care provider.

Working parents who require non-member child care must register the child care provider’s name with the Membership Coordinator and have it on record on the membership files kept at the front desk. There is no fee for the non-member child care provider, if they are in substitution for the parents. If they come with the parent, then they are a guest of the member and will be charged the regular guest fee applicable during their visit.

Non-member children for whom the member provides child care must also have their names registered with the Membership Chair and, in addition, must pay a $50 fee for their summer use.

Parents with Toddlers

Please use swim diapers for your untrained children to avoid accidents in the pool. Closing the pool for the required 24 hours following a fecal discharge is very inconvenient for the rest of the members. “Little swimmer” pants are available for purchase from the concession stand.

Inclement Weather Policy

The pool has a strict and detailed policy for the conduct of members and staff present at the pool at the time of threatening or severe weather. All people in the pool and on the adjacent decks should heed the instructions of on-duty staff without hesitation.

Payment of Annual Dues

Members are sent an invoice for their Annual Dues in March of each year. All dues must be paid in full by May 1st. Members who do not pay in full by May 1st of the new season risk losing their membership. Dues can be paid in installments, but final payment must be received by May 1st. Please contact the SHRC Treasurer with any questions regarding your dues.

See Full SHRC Rules, Regulations and Liability Waiver Below

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